About BeeTrans-N.E.M.T 


Hello to all visitors, We would first like to thank you for taking the time to get affiliated with our Agency. We are a new provider to our hometown Columbus, Ohio as  Non emergency medical transportation specialist. We have established a network within Columbus to help get as many patients to their reoccurring visits as humanly possible. We understand that a generous portion of Ohioan communities don't either, have transportation, have transit available or the funds to provide it for themselves. This is our way to make sure that everyone receives the  courtesy of actually arriving for their visits to maintain proper health. Our overall goal is to see a healthier rate of locals and to be a friend for those who feel forgotten! We understand that our services are needed from infants for their first shots, to youths that have had an accident or adults that fell on hard times or that have had a work injury to our seniors that no longer can provide transportation for themselves. No matter what your story happens to be, we are here to help you and everyone we can. Though we offer the services of non emergency medical transportation, we are currently only servicing those who can enter and exit the vehicles on their own.

If you are ever having a LIFE THREATENING EMERGENCY please call 9-1-1 DONT CALL BEETRANS. We don't have EMERGENCY VEHICLES! Thank you.


About our honorable Owner Mr. Bryan Reddy. He chose to invest the life he has left helping those receive care, after having a traumatic car accident @55mph of his own. He is still currently fighting to get his health back. Yet he said in his words "no one can plan to survive after trauma occurs alone and even after the immediate thought of the accident goes away, there's an individual forgotten and overlooked that Needs help and we gotta do it for them."