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                     WHO IS BEETRANS LLC.?


Hello to all visitors, We would first like to thank you for taking the time to get affiliated with our Agency.

We are a new provider to our hometown Columbus, Ohio as (Non emergency medical transportation specialist.)

Our venture started in 2018 and currently has been ranked highly by those in Ohio whose used or received our services and truly we thank each and every one of you for using the company that really is on time and clean and respectful.

We don't just talk a good game because our numbers prove it daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

We didn't just come into transportation with the intent of being like any other company but us.

We're organized, prompt and friendly. We offer many services upon request that majority of companies ignore because we make sure that transporting you is a part of what we do but not all we do.

We don't allow that to stop us from going the extra mile from Bluetooth capabilities to Netflix and free Wi-Fi usage or availability of equipment such as car seats and wheelchairs to accommodate the moment it matters.

                                      WE STARTED OUT THE LITTLE GUYS



    We have established a great foundation with our early years in business and continue to provide the absolute care


        and cleanliness needed to have a household name amongst the crowd of transportation providers here locally.

            The mission is nowhere close to complete and we know so, we continue everyday treating it like our first. 





Thank you.

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